Local presence

Register all the domains that normally would not be registrable due to restrictions imposed by individual local Registries. And make sure your name is available!

With the local presence service we offer you the opportunity to register all those domains that would normally not be possible to register due to the restrictions imposed by individual local Registries, so that you can make sure your name is available!

Very often the Local Registry requires that the applicant's residence be in the country of the domain. As a result, foreign subjects have great difficulty in registering the domain, since they do not possess the necessary requirements.

The local presence service provides a dense network of international relations with trustees, resident in the countries concerned, who act as administrators for the registration of these domains.

With the local presence service, you can assure the availability of your name anywhere!

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Local presence

Protect and register your name even in those countries with rigid restrictions imposed by the Registries.

The local presence service fee will be visible by proceeding with the domain registration, and it will be possible to add or delete it at any time during the various registration stages.

Types of local presence

Partial local presence

  • The Registry asks you to indicate as an administrative contact, a resident in the country of the domain.
    The actual domain owner will be the applicant.

Total local presence

  • The Registry requires you to indicate as a contact owner, a resident in the country of the domain.
    Only the applicant will use it.


  • Register a domain that you would otherwise not be able to register
  • Protect your online identity
  • In the case of partial local presence, you have domain ownership
  • In the case of total local presence, you do not have domain ownership, but you make sure that in the future you have the opportunity to become one, once the rigid registration restrictions loosen up*

* Please note that a registered domain with the total local presence service is still a domain not directly assigned. For this reason we do not recommend using it as a primary domain, or we encourage you to not invest in indexing, marketing, advertising or anything else. It's good to consider this registration as a defensive domain name in the country, and add the redirect service to the primary domain.

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