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.FI is the ideal extension to identify all the realities in Finland

Registering a .FI domain is an effective way to protect your online identity in Finland and in the world.

.fi domain registration. Protect your name in Finland!



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Requirements for the .fi extension

  • There are no particular restrictions for getting a domain under this extension.
  • Maximum years of registration: 5
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  • The domain name must contain a minimum number of 3 characters and a maximum of 60 characters excluding the tld length

.fi domain registration rules - Finland

Time needed: 5

Before you apply to register a .fi domain name, the Registry requires that the name not be a protected name, i.e. it does not exactly match or look similar to one of these categories:

  • names or trademarks that have been entered into the Finnish trade register or into the Finnish trademark registry, or those of Finnish associations, foundations, or political parties,
  • names of public bodies, unincorporated state enterprises, independent public corporations, public associations, or diplomatic missions of a foreign State or their bodies,
  • established names, secondary marks or trademarks referred to in the Business Names Act or Trademarks Act,
  • EU trademarks entered into the EUIPO trademark registry.

You can do a check on the following websites:

A .fi domain is a lawful domain if, at the time of registration, it is not:

  • based on a protected name or trademark owned by another party, unless the domain name holder can present a good, acceptable reason for registering the domain name,
  • similar to a protected name or trademark owned by another party, if the clear intent of registering the domain name is to benefit from it or to cause damage.

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