Late domain renewal

This page gives details about domains that are "late".

When the "late" expiration notice appears in the place of the renewal date, it means the normal renewal period anticipated for a domain has been exceeded, so there is an urgency rather than the normal technical and administrative procedures for its renewal. Naturally, when possible it would be better to avoid waiting until the expiration date to renew.

The notification, however, does not mean that the domain has been cancelled, and for some types of domains and/or services it is possible to renew it before it reaches that point, although many domains require an additional recovery cost.

So, it is important to comply with the renewal date indicated in the expiration notices to avoid unpleasant situations like those mentioned above, or even, in some cases, finding yourself unable to renew your domain.

If you are interested in renewing the services of a late domain, you need to contact the staff at Dominiando as soon as possible to find out how long it would take and what the additional costs would be, if any.

Instead, if you do not wish to renew your domain, we advise you to notify the Staff at Dominiando to avoid receiving further notices.

If you would like more information, we are at your disposal and can be reached through the usual contact methods.

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